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SELECT BY: daughter is so excited (and it's a month away still) that I think she will have problems sleeping at night.
Thanks for making her party an easier (and less expensive) task than I thought I was in for.

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All you need is a printer and the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Acrobat is free on the web and most computers come with it already installed. Press the print button and out comes your theme party.

The Story of SimpliFun PartiKits

We have been selling on the Internet since 1995

SimpliFun founder; Lou Anne McKeefery
I began crafting my children's birthday parties when my first child turned three. My daughter and I would choose a theme and then purchase party favors from a variety of stores. I would design games, room decorations and party activities related to this theme. My husband and I would spend hours drawing, coloring and gluing. Office co-workers heard about the parties and began asking for help with their children's parties.

When our second child was turning four, we were feeling the time crunch associated with full-time jobs and two children. The approaching birthday celebration was looking like work rather than pleasure. I went shopping for a package with supplies, party games (other than "Pin the Tail on the Donkey") and activities to keep the guests occupied.

I found no ready-to-give parties on the market. I guessed this was why other parents were headed for the skating rinks instead of hosting the parties themselves. I decided that the home party should live on, but something had to be done to make them simpler. The door was open for a party kit that was simple and fun to use.

SimpliFun was conceived and Party Kits were created for all of us who want to enjoy just the fun part of a party. Party Kits are a variety of unique theme party packages for all ages. The first PartiKits were shipped to customers and contained theme related invitations, party instructions, games, activity materials, party favors, room decorations and thank you cards, many have t-shirt iron-ons to match the theme. With the increased speeds of today's Internet connections; the Party Kits became fully digital products. Printable PartiKits contain everything needed to entertain with unique themes and mystery parties. Click, download and print!

About Susan Haley, is originally from Massachusetts - where she started her company back in 1987. In 1993, she relocated to Northern California with her two very large Maine Coon cats, Sherlock and Watson. She still goes back to Cape Cod to visit her family but California has become her home, especially since May of 2001 when she married her husband Bill, a corporate advertising photographer and a native San Franciscan. From the time she was a very young girl, Susan has always loved acting and creative writing. She graduated Summa Cum Laude and has a BA in Theater Arts with a minor in Business Communications from Salem State College in Salem, Mass., "where the witches are". To Susan, there's nothing like doing a job about which you're absolutely passionate. Her passion these days? Creating inspiring, memorable do-it-yourself murder mystery games, scavenger hunts, interactive party games for kids, and teamwork games.

About Game Designer Barbara Pelat I had the opportunity to organize and host "Operation Recovery" at my workplace for nearly 100 people well over a year ago. It was a huge success and has made a huge impact on team project work, work relationships and even business results. Many people still talk about the event even today and I'm sure it will be in our memories for many years to come.

This event inspired me to create "The Great Easter Hunt and Scavenger Hunt Game Part 1 & The Great Easter Hunt and Scavenger Hunt Game Part 2 for our family Easter celebrations last year. Everyone was tired of the same old holiday tradition of children eating candy all day, the men watching sporting events on television, while the women cooked and did dishes most of the day. It turned out to be an absolutely fun day for everyone. Our youngest participant was 3 and the oldest was 86!

My name is Barbara Pelat from Emeryville, Ontario, Canada. I have two adult children named Christina and Sherri-Ann. I work for an automotive parts manufacturing facility in Windsor, Ontario.

I hope your family or group enjoys The Great Easter Hunt as much as ours did.

About Game Designer Debbie Shuler Debbie Shuler lives in Columbia, South Carolina with her husband, two party-loving children and one very silly, adorable mutt named Holly. Her family had such a fun time hosting Operation Kovert Kids that she decided to collaborate with Susan Haley of Haley Productions to create Operation Birthday Bash and Operation Romantic Rendezvous (a scavenger hunt for couples).

She also designed Operation Reindeer Games and Operation Sunday School.

About Game Designer Lisa Marten Lisa Marten lives in Michigan with her husband, son and two energetic labs that never seem to need a nap to recharge. She hosted Operation Kovert Kids in 2005 and the kids from her son's class raved about it for months. So she decided to do it again the next year but could not find something that her son liked, so they made up one of their own using ideas from all over, including his classmates. When their pirate party was over she decided to work with Susan Haley to post it online so that everyone could try it out. After all, who doesn't want to be a pirate for a day?

She's also designed Operation Medieval Merriment. Check it out.

About Janet Pogasic My name is Janet Pogasic. I live in Macomb, Michigan with my husband and four young boys. This past October our family hosted Operation Kovert Kids scavenger hunt to celebrate our oldest son's 10th birthday, which is very close to Halloween. We couldn't resist adding all sorts of Halloween fun into the hunt. The party was a huge success!

After thanking Susan Haley for the wonderful scavenger hunt and sharing some ideas with her, we both agreed that my Halloween Hunt could stand on its own. What a perfect party to have at Halloween time! So, I was thrilled to create Operation Haunted House Hunt, a spooky-fun scavenger/adventure hunt.

About Game Designer Laura Cole Laura Cole has been teaching elementary and middle school for over 15 years and holds a Masters degree in Education from Columbia University's Teachers College. Her life long ambition is to make a living playing games, doing puzzles and reading mysteries. She hopes that this sense of fun and discovery is evident in the games she has written. As a teacher she strives to create activities which combine facts and fun. Laura lives in New Jersey where she gets most of her inspiration from her son, daughter and husband.

She's also designed Operation Medieval Merriment and Operation Crime Scene Investigation.

Now every party can be what it should be - SimpliFun!

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