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Adult Parties: Wine Tasting Party Made Easy

Want to have a fantastically fun wine tasting party but don't know how to go about it? Want to learn about new wines and have fun with your friends? Want to taste some good food?

You get easy-to-follow instructions for how to put on a great wine and food party. This kit will ensure party success. Your guest will blindly taste each wine (without knowing which wine it is and who brought it) and vote on the best. Prizes are awarded to the person who brings the best wine. This is like playing a'll want to play it over and over again.

And you can have this party with spending little to no money. Your guests bring the wine and they compete for the best wine. The kit tells you how in a simple and easy way.

Fun: Everyone drinks and eats in a game-like atmosphere
Easy: The instructions are easy to follow
Flexible: From 6-22 people; you can change any part of it
Reusable: Use it over and over again
Free Consultation: Questions on how to do it? Just write us an e-mail

Twelve downloadable kit components, including:

The instructions with easy-to-follow steps from before the guests arrive to the end of the party
List of different types of wine tasting parties to have
Guest list template
Invitations template you can send over email, Evite or postal
Guest instructions for how to taste wines
Wine trivia questions
Wine scoring template
Food scoring template
It's can change any part of it. Don't like a certain kind of wine? You decide what types of wines are tasted. The kit easily adapts to your hosting needs. You can even use this format to taste other beverages such as sodas, waters, cocktails, juices.

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