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Indoor Treasure Hunt Party Game for Players Aged 5-9 - Medium Difficulity Level

Product Average Rating: 2.3 of 5

Treasure-Hunt party games are specifically designed for younger players aged 5-9 with medium difficulty.

Children race to solve riddles and track down treasure guided by clever rhyming clues that incorporate simple yet creative concepts. This treasure hunt comes complete with a hiding guide and 11 custom clues to be hidden with common household objects.

Kids will enjoy group play and teamwork, while at the same time learning to think independently and build problem-solving skills.

No need to make the clues yourself and set-up is easy too.

Get ready to make your birthday party, family night, or any event the best party with this fun and imaginative interactive game. Instantly download, print, and play!

You can play as a team or face off competitively to match wits in this fast-paced and exciting game that keeps everyone moving, thinking, and guessing. You set the reward, or everyone can pitch in to sweeten the pot.

The perfect game to make any occasion memorable and fun!

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Treasure Hunts Party Games
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There is no difference in any of the traditional numbered indoor hunts except for the clues. They all lead to common household objects. The only hunts that would be different are those labeled with a theme such as "Outdoor" hunt which describes clues which lead to objects outside around the home.

Here are a couple of clues taken from this game:

CLUE #1: This face shows no dismay at the passing of every day.
Hand this clue to the teams/players

CLUE #2: After you eat to here the dishes retreat.
ANSWER: Kitchen sink
WHERE YOU SHOULD HIDE THIS CLUE: Attach this clue to a clock.

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