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Party Games for Children - Fairy Tale Birthday Print Yourself Party Kit and Party Games for ages 5 to 9

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Once upon a time, Kings and Queens ruled the land, dragons roamed the forests and fairies granted wishes. There was a special kind of magic in the air. You can have that same magic as you turn your child's special party into a Fairy Tale party, Knights of the Round Table party or Medieval Castle party. You add your guests and food, then have fun yourself.

Printable kit includes personalizable invitations, room banners, door signs, castle cake instructions and decorating flags, activities and party games, castle windows to decorate your home, t-shirt iron-on graphics and thank you cards. A treasure hunt and a full 2 hours of fun and games!

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Personalizable invitation
Drinking straw covers and coloring activity
Castle party cake
Thank you cards
Party hats
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