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This project has generated a lot of interest and excitement about the library

Adult Murder Mystery Game - Next of Kin

"We had looked at several options for presenting a murder mystery at our library. We had even thought of writing our own script. However, once we saw what Susan was able to provide for us, the decision was easily made. It was more than we could have hoped for. Her script allowed us to customize parts of the script to fit our needs and limitations, but also gave us a wonderful plot and colorful characters that we could have never made on our own. In addition to that, the mystery package included all of the graphics, programs, etc. that we needed. In short, Haley Productions saved us innumerable hours of frustrating work and was affordable enough to allow our entire project to cost less than we had anticipated. Next of Kin was a huge success! Cast members and attendees both had a blast! This project has generated a lot of interest and excitement about the library, making our Next of Kin mystery program twice as beneficial to us. "

Hamilton "Big Daddy" Sugarbaker, wealthy Southern patriarch, must decide which of his good-for-nothing kin will inherit his vast estate.

A sickly patriarch's last wish is for his family to gather for what could be their last time together before he passes on. He must decide who will be the beneficiaries of his vast estate. Everyone who wants his money is quick to "honor" his dying wish.


This murder mystery is an audience-participatory comedy. It's like a live action version of the game, "Clue". Everything from arguments to clues to the murders happen right smack dab in the middle of the audience so they can participate and witness every action first hand. None of the dialogue is scripted--it's all improvised--to better allow for audience involvement as well. Your guests will actively solve the case by asking the suspects questions, following them, eavesdropping on their conversations--whatever it takes to figure out who-dunit.

AGE: Adults and Teens aged 14 and up

There are 2 versions of this game available to you with purchase! Version 1 is the */Know It All/ version* wherein the prime suspects get the script/sequence of actions ahead of time and know whodunit. Version 2 is the */Narrator/ version* where they'll just get their character descriptions ahead of time and you'll add a narrator to tell the story while your prime suspects act out what he/she is saying. In this version they won't need to know who-dunit. YOU WILL RECEIVE BOTH VERSIONS WHEN YOU PURCHASE THIS GAME.

*See script sample included with this information. Click on the 'see more' next to add to cart.

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THE YEAR: Current or any year you choose.

PRIMARY SUSPECTS (these are the folks who will have full knowledge of the mystery; you'll give them a complete script):
1. Hamilton "Big Daddy" Sugarbaker: A very, very, very rich man from Atlanta, Georgia who moved to (your state) 6 months ago after the disastrous failure of his second marriage.
2. Bobby Joe Butler: Big Daddy's nurse, confidante, and friend.
3. Rhett Sugarbaker: Big Daddy's oldest son. He'll do anything to make money-anything.
4. Ashley Sugarbaker: Big Daddy's youngest son. He's a struggling poet--a lousy one at that--who's embittered by his lack of success, but who still believes, despite his failures, that he's a true "artiste".
5. Philly (Philomena) Sugarbaker: Big Daddy's jailbird sister who spends her time leaching off him.
6. Savannah Sugarbaker: Big Daddy's neurotic (insane?) second wife.
7. Scarlett Sugarbaker: Rhett's wife. She comes from the wrong side of the tracks and it shows.
8. Melanie Sugarbaker: Ashley's supportive but very eccentric wife. An "interpretive dancer".

SECONDARY SUSPECTS (optional). EVERYONE will be actively involved in this mystery because it will be their job to solve the case and because you'll be encouraging them to come in costume and in character. Use any or all of these secondary suspects if you have "extra" cast members you want to use or if you have some guests who want to take on a character but not take on the full responsibility of a primary suspect. You will NOT give them a script but you will give them a description of their character and let them run with it. FOR LARGE GROUP MYSTERIES (75 OR MORE): I'd definitely suggest you cast your secondary suspects and give them a script - just like you'll do with your primary suspects. During the mystery it will be the secondary suspects' "job" to act as general support for the primary suspects. They'll roam the room "gossiping" about the goings-on, quiet the audience down during a main action, answer questions, bring primary suspects to tables for questioning and make sure your guests have seen the physical clues that have been revealed.

1. Mercy Bloomer: Big Daddy's accountant.
2. Cornelius Bliss: Big Daddy's ex-foreman at his Acme Bottle Capping company in Atlanta. Ex because he was caught doing something he shouldn't have.
3. Dr. Billy Kildaire: Big Daddy's doctor.
4. Ms. Beula Busty, Esq.: Bid Daddy's lawyer. She will read his will so find someone with stage presence.
5. Wilbur Ernest Fudge: Big Daddy's milkman and witness to his will.

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