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The Mafia Murders- Circa 1920’s. Someone in the family is out to destroy the Godfather. So much for loyalty to "da boss".

THE YEAR: 1929

Requires 7 to 8 people to play the prime suspects. For groups of 20 or more people

THE EVENT: A special party at the Godfather's speakeasy, The Library.

1. *Don Donato "Baby Face" Brundizzi: *The Godfather. Need we say more?
2. *Waldo "The Sneak" Brundizzi: *Donato's brother who "shoulda been Don".
3. *"Crusher" Joe Genelli: *Don Brundizzi's bodyguard, moved up in the ranks from being the former Don Scallopini's driver.
4. *Rita "The Rose" Scallopini: *The Brundizzi's niece. Her mother, Olympia, was their sister and her father, Dominic, was the former Don. They're dead now.
5. *"Dapper Dan" Johnson: *The dissatisfied accountant who feels he's more than proven his loyalty to the Godfather.
6. *Jimmy "The Gyp" Johnson: *Dapper's greedy twin brother. A Joe Zilch & stupid, too. (Jimmy and Dapper can be played by the same person.)
7. *Fifi LaTrick: * The Don's moll (girlfriend). She used to be Waldo's.
8. Connie Nonni: The Brundizzi brothers' widowed and forever grieving aunt.


1. Rosa Scallopini: Rita's older whiny sister. She hates not being the "favorite" like Rita.
2. Fast Hands: The Godfather's advisor. Word is out that the Godfather is looking for a new advisor. Can you say "cement shoes", Fast Hands?
3. The Maul Man: A wannabe bodyguard.
4. Dollface: A wannabe Mafia lieutenant -but she's a dame. Of all the nerve!
5. The Hammer: The Godfather wants to do business with him. The Hammer may not be willing to play however.

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There are 2 versions of this game available to you with purchase! Version 1 is the /*Know It All*/* version* wherein the prime suspects get the script/sequence of actions ahead of time and know whodunit. Version 2 is the /*Narrator*/* version* where they'll just get their character descriptions ahead of time and you'll add a narrator to tell the story while your prime suspects act out what he/she is saying. In this version they won't need to know whodunit. YOU WILL RECEIVE BOTH VERSIONS WHEN YOU PURCHASE THIS GAME. **

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