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Birthday Party Games for Children - All Sports Theme Birthday Party Games and Party Kit for ages 5 to 10

Give a Great Child's Birthday Party Without Knocking Yourself Out... Even the Host Has a Great Time with Party Kits!!

Wondering how to entertain those children ages 5 to 10 coming to your home? We can make you the perfect host in less than ten minutes from now!

The All Sports Party Theme Party Kit is filled with invitations, party games, room decorations, thank you cards, and contains detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to be the perfect host, keeping the fun and laughs coming, pouring on the imagination while tickling everybody's funny bone!

The moment you place your order you'll be able to print your needed party materials. All you need is a color printer and you can easily host a SimpliFun party. You can even add your own child's name and party information for personalized invitations!

The All Sports Party (can also be an Olympics Party) for ages 5 to 10 is filled with lots of fun games. Your party starts when the arriving guests help to decorate your favorite team pennant (the cake). Our hidden picture poster and game will entertain your guests. Your guests will enjoy playing the sports games even if the parties inside because our sports party doesn't need good weather to be fun. Other games include a mock skateboard race, an enduro racing relay, trasket ball, swimming relay (on land that is), discus bowling, javelin throw, and dog sled races. Your child will feel special when the children play the 'special child' game. You add your guests and food, then have fun yourself!. The easy-to follow ideas are simple and economical enough for any party-planner-but definitely fun for children.

Created by SimpliFun Studios because there's more to a party than just eating cake!

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Hidden sports list of objects you're trying to find in the poster
Find the hidden sports objects game
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SimpliFun Children's Home Birthday Party Games Help you Give a Great Kids Birthday Party Without Knocking Yourself Out...
Even the Host Has a Great Time with Party Kits!!