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Mystery Party Games - Howling Noises Mystery Party Game and Kit for 10 Boy Players ages 9 to 12 as a one day or sleepover party.

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Give a Great Youth Mystery Party Without Knocking Yourself Out... Even the Host Has a Great Time with Party Kits!!

Wondering how to entertain those 10 boys ages 9 to 12 coming to your home for a 3 hour one day or slumber party (conclusion in the morning)? We can make you the perfect host in less than ten minutes from now!

The moment you place your order you'll be able to print your needed party materials. All you need is a color printer and you can easily host a SimpliFun party. You can even add your own child's name and party information for personalized invitations!

In Mystery of the Howling Noises Sam's Uncle Geoff is on an extended vacation in Europe. He has asked his sister-in-law, Meg, to move in with her family to watch his house in his absence. He told her that strange things have been happening there over the past six weeks or less, and he didn't want the house empty. He didn't elaborate on the strange happenings.

After being there for about a week, during which time, nothing out of the ordinary was noticed, except some weird howling winds in the woods behind the house, Meg agreed to let Sam host an overnight. Sam and some friends decided that tenting in the backyard woods would be fun, even to cooking their own supper on the grill. But while the party is in full swing some strange things begin to happen.

Your guests are invited to come in character. Decorating your house to look like a mansion is easy with the front door decoration. Just follow the script in the complete step-by-step instruction booklet and you and your guests are sure to have a unique evening of fun!

Created by SimpliFun Studios because there's more to a party than just eating cake!

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All boy character description

Samuel Smythe - You are the much loved 12 year-old nephew of Geoffry Smythe who is your father's youngest brother. You are a typical all around, almost teenager, and you like school, sports, music and snow boarding, not necessarily in that order. Girls are yuk! Your friends call you Sam.
Suggested clothing: jeans Props: soccer or soft ball.

Albert Katz- You are Sam's best friend and next door neighbor. You love street dancing better than school or anything. You think this is going to be a heck'a'fun weekend - staying at a real country estate and sleeping in a real mansion and hope there are some girls in the neighborhood. Your friends call you Al.
Suggested clothing: long-baggy jeans with holes in the knees and a big-big t-shirt. Props: CDs and CD player.

Foster Grant - You are descended from an old aristocratic family and want to become a movie star more than anything else in the world. You love lots of good and expensive clothes. You also are very vain about your hair and are always combing bit. You are also excited about the upcoming weekend and look forward to visiting with another member of "royalty". Your friends call you Foz.
Suggested clothing:designer clothes. Props: sun glasses, hair comb and gel.

Clinton Oakley- You tend to be a jock - having had to put up with three uncles in pro sports. You're captain of the school wrestling and football teams. You also like playing the drums and write a fair amount of music yourself. Your friends call you Clint.
Suggested clothing: football jersey and shorts. Props: football.

George Whiz - You are the most intelligent of your friends - especially in math and computer sciences. You enjoy solving difficult problems and you tutor your friends on Wednesday evenings, over pizza and coke. You are also a coke freak. Your friends call you G.
Suggested clothing: jeans, a college T-shirt and sweat shirt. Props: math book and a 6-pack of caffeine-free coke.

Theodor Baer - Your family is prominent in the financial world, particularly banking. You are a computer wiz like your friend, G, and are in the process of creating your own web page to introduce other young people your age to the mysteries of the solar system. Your friends call you Teddy.
Suggested clothing: jeans and computer geek T-shirt. Props: books about the solar system.

Bart Dahl - Your flair for drawing cartoons has given you an edge with your friends. They are always asking you to draw a cartoon on the bathroom walls. Your friends call you Bart.
Suggested clothes: bright and funky clothes. Props: colored pencils and sketch book.

Kimball Cutter - Architecture is your forte. Designing homes and office buildings come naturally to you because your father and grandfather own their own firm. Someday you will undoubtedly work in the same firm. Your friends call you Kim.
Suggested clothing: jeans and construction-related T-shirt. Props: drawings of your dream house, or magazine of house design.

Garrett Lox - You have recently moved to a different city, but still are best friends with Sam, and the gang. You are in touch daily by e-mail and are involved in all their activities. You are attending a fine arts academy, studying music, dance and drama. Broadway is your dream. Your friends call you Gary.
Suggested clothing: jeans and T-shirt related to live theater. Props: scripts or sheet music.

Fairfax Freeman - You love caring for your friends and others, and you seem to have a healing touch. Everyone tells you that you should consider medicine as a career. Your friends call you Doc.
Suggested clothing: jeans, dress shirt and a tie. Props: medical journal.

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