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SELECT BY: daughter is so excited (and it's a month away still) that I think she will have problems sleeping at night.
Thanks for making her party an easier (and less expensive) task than I thought I was in for.

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Everything you need to entertain as many friends as you want!
Complete kits with full instructions available for immediate download.

We can make you the perfect host in less than ten minutes from now!
Party files can be downloaded when you place your order.

All you need is a printer and the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Acrobat is free on the web and most computers come with it already installed. Press the print button and out comes your theme party.

To print your SimpliFun Party you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (free software).
The files used by Acrobat are known as pdf files. Many computers have this
software already installed.

1. To verify your set-up, go to start/programs (PCs) and look for Adobe Acrobat
then Reader.

2. Verify your Adobe Reader version number by selecting the top menu option
'help' 'about'.

3. Visit with this link click here. Select your operating system and continue. You will see the current version level. If it's not the version you have,
please upgrade following the next instructions.

3a. Uninstall version 3.0 or lower before installing this version. Choose Start/Programs/Adobe Acrobat Reader/Uninstall If you do not have the uninstall
option, (3.0 or lower) you will need to remove the files within the file manager (Windows Explorer).

3b. If asked, choose DOWNLOAD TO DISK (which will be your hard drive not
the floppy).

3c. After you download Acrobat reader to your computer, you may have to install
it the same way other applications are installed on a computer. Use Start/Run
to install. For detailed install instructions visit Adobe visit Adobe

3d. If you cannot locate the Acrobat file in order to install it after download, get help
click here.

4. You are now ready to use Adobe Acrobat to view PDF files on your computer.

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