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Treasure Endeavor "I Spy" Treasure Solution for ages 6 to 10

Product Average Rating: 2.5 of 5

Kids love the thrill of a hunt, so bring your party or family night to life for your littlest tikes with Treasure Endeavor, an "I Spy" print 'n' play hunt designed specifically for children ages 6-10.

All game packs include six different treasure hunt clue-solving sheets, each having its own unique and clever set of age-appropriate custom clues with scrambled encoded pictures that correspond to the clue answers, an answer key, winning tickets, and solutions that lead to common household items where the treasure tickets can be hidden.

Players must find the correct pictures and then enter the corresponding letter codes to spell out the final treasure solution. THEN THEY HUNT!

A fun, affordable, and unique treasure hunt game that is perfect for any occasion and easy to download, print, and play instantly. No need to wait or make the clues yourself, and simple to set up and play for hours of entertainment.

Also, Treasure Endeavor can be played as a travel game for when you're on the road, and detailed instructions are included on every clue-solving sheet.

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00118 Treasure Endeavor "I Spy" Treasure Solution for ages 6 to 10
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