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Easy St. Patricks Day Treasure Hunt for Players Aged 5-9

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This themed treasure hunt comes complete with a hiding guide and 10 fun custom clues. This Easy St. Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt provides clever rhyming clues that lead to green items and St. Patrick's Day themed decorative party items, including a shamrock, a green balloon, a pot o' gold, a green frog (cut-out, decorative, or toy), a Leprechaun, a green paper party cup, a green St. Patrick's Day party hat, a green candle, green soap (such as Irish Spring), and a green dollar bill.

Kids will enjoy group play and teamwork, while at the same time learning to think independently and build problem-solving skills, so go back in time with a good old fashioned treasure hunt and bring your St. Patrick's Day party to life! No need to make the clues yourself, easy to set up, and you can download, print, and play instantly!

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There is no difference in any of the traditional numbered indoor hunts except for the clues being different. They all lead to common household objects. The only hunts that would be different are those labeled as such with a theme such as the "Outdoor" hunt which describes that the clues lead to objects outside around the home.

CLUE #1: I may show the whole earth, round and pretty, or may be flat and show just one city.
ANSWER: A globe, map, or atlas.
WHERE YOU SHOULD HIDE THIS CLUE: After secretly hiding all of the other clues, you will hand this page to guests, read out loud, or post for all to see.

CLUE # 2: If you want to measure a foot or an inch, using this tool will make it a cinch.
ANSWER: Ruler or yardstick.
WHERE YOU SHOULD HIDE THIS CLUE: On or by a map, atlas, or globe.

Clue sheet of ten clues, print and play
00091 Easy St. Patricks Day Treasure Hunt for Players Aged 5-9
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