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Some of the riddles stumped them, but they were thrilled when they figured them out.
We used it on Friday to create a Riddle Hunt/ WalkAThon for our elementary school.
I can't begin to tell you how many parties (ours) and many friends have included scavenger hunts because of the program!
I also used the scavenger hunt for my 15 year old son on Christmas know...Santa got real creative this year!!
The hunt was a huge success.
All I can say is
Even the adult children got involved.
It is perfect for those unexpected times friends drop over with there kids & you get the old
I think the adults got a bigger kick out of watching the kids squeal and run from location to location.
It was a big hit!
I've never seen my three year old so excited for a sustained period of time.
Riddle Me takes the work out of creating a treasure hunt and makes it so easy to get a complete game in a matter of minutes.
Not only is using Riddle-Me a snap, the riddles created are clever and fun for our children to play.
It is so easy to use even our 6 year old can create a treasure hunt for the family.
Just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful product!
I love how easy this program is to come up with a treasure hunt at the last minute without the stress.
What a great product!!! I have already used it to make several scavenger hunts for my kids and their friends.

Treasure Hunt and Scavenger Hunt Software

Product Average Rating: 4.8 of 5
"I just wanted to tell you how much the kids all loved our treasure hunt. We had girls and boys from 8 to 11 years old playing, and they all said this was the best part of the party. Some of the riddles stumped them, but they were thrilled when they figured them out. We had them each take a number at some of the found items, which were turned in at the end for prizes from the treasure. It was their goody bag to keep. We will definitely be using this software again."

Instantly print a customized treasure and scavenger hunt. Use this software over and over again to create new hunts.

Nearly 4000 age-specific riddle clues (ages 3 to adult)

Nearly 400 objects to hunt for around the home

Create your own riddles

55 background images or use your own pictures

Print invitations

Print thank you cards

Here's how Riddle Me works. It is marvelously simple and easy to do. You download the program to your PC, which takes only seconds. You double-click the Riddle Me icon that appears on your screen. In seconds, Riddle Me is open on your screen.

Next, following the easy instructions (6 year olds have done it), point and click to choose the age ranges. Point and click to choose as many or as little of the almost 400 common objects (chair, bookcase, etc...) found in and around the home. Point and click again - and Riddle Me chooses clues and riddles out of its rich 4,000 riddle and clue database and matches them for you to your chosen home objects.

Click to print the riddles and clues. Cut them out and follow the hidding instructions. Sit back and watch the kids interact, laugh and cheer. You're a success!

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This product has registration codes in order to print your party materials. Without the code you can generate sample hunts but not print them. The registration code does not expire. When purchased you will receive the registration code in an email. Use this software over and over again to create new hunts.

You may request a replacement registration code for up to 5 days without repurchasing.

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