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I overheard, from one of the guests:
I was really pleased with SimpliFun's Practical Giggles party!
It made a great slumber party, with plenty to keep them busy.

Printable Party Invitations - Children's Practical Giggles Joke Party

Product Average Rating: 4 of 5
"...our practical giggles party this Sunday afternoon... was a great success. I overheard, from one of the guests: "This was a REALLY COOL party." We had a mix of ages from about 6 to 9, mostly girls but a few boys. The girls were just young enough to really get into the whoopee cushions and other disgusting noises (a little older, I think they get too self-conscious.) The boys...well, they needed no encouragement. This was a good party for this group!

The dirt cake was a huge success. Kids were requesting "worms" and "no worms" portions. I had lots of worm requests.

Here's an additional thing that you might add to future instructions. I took a large bottle of Sprite soda and colored it with a few drops of food color. Looked like stuff coming out of the regular soda bottle really got 'em. "

Children's Practical Giggles Joke Party Invitations.

Personalize and print as many as you need for one low price.

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