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Office Treasure Hunt

Everyone loves a treasure hunt, so go back in time and bring your office party to life with this fun and imaginative interactive game! Treasure-Adventure's print 'n' play hard-level treasure hunt party games are specifically designed for older players and require treasure seekers to look beyond the obvious, think independently, solve riddles, and track down hidden clues.

You can play as a team or face off competitively to match wits in this fast-paced and exciting game that keeps everyone thinking, moving, and guessing. You set the reward or everyone can pitch in to sweeten the pot. The perfect game to make your office party memorable!

This printable treasure hunt party game comes complete with a hiding guide and 10 custom office-themed clues that must be hidden as instructed, hunted for, and solved in order to capture the treasure. Clues lead to common office items including a mouse, a letter opener, a calendar, a punch, a fax machine, a stapler, a mug, tape, a trash can, and a cabinet. No need to make the clues yourself! Easy to download, print, and play instantly.

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There is no difference in any of the traditional numbered indoor hunts except for the clues being different. They all lead to common household objects. The only hunts that would be different are those labeled as such with a theme such as the "Outdoor" hunt which describes that the clues lead to objects outside around the home. Holiday hunt clues follow that holiday theme.

CLUE #3: Raising a goblet, the next clue is near, look for the one who offers tidings of cheer.
ANSWER: Toaster.
WHERE YOU SHOULD HIDE THIS CLUE: Under a heel of a shoe or boot.

CLUE #4: I'm at the head, can you keep pace, slip me on and solve the case.
ANSWER: Pillow case.
WHERE YOU SHOULD HIDE THIS CLUE: In, under, or behind a toaster (unplugged).

Clue sheet of ten clues, print and play
00113 Office Treasure Hunt
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