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SELECT BY: daughter is so excited (and it's a month away still) that I think she will have problems sleeping at night.
Thanks for making her party an easier (and less expensive) task than I thought I was in for.

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Everything you need to entertain as many friends as you want!
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All you need is a printer and the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Acrobat is free on the web and most computers come with it already installed. Press the print button and out comes your theme party.

Many people have said they are looking at the free games to see what quality our PrintIt! Games and PrintIt! will be. Well there's no comparison! Our $15 kits far exceed what I offer for free. Besides, it's no risk because if you're not satisfied I refund your purchase!

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Success Hint
Play music while playing games at the party. Instruct the children that when the music stops they must freeze in place. This gives you control if you need to stop the game or communicate with the players if someone is hurt. You just stop the music to get their attention, no need to yell.

It's a good idea practicing this so the children are more likely to know what to do when the music stops. If you wait until you need to get their attention they won't all stop the first time you turn down the music and it may be VERY important that they do so.

Having the ability to 'control' the crowd without raising your voice will help you and the children enjoy a fun party.

Train party game for ages 4 and up
This game is ideal with ten or more players.

The birthday child plus 3 more players link their arms together, forming a chain. The birthday child is the engine and the other three players form the rest of the train. If you have a conductor's cap by all means place it on the engine's head. The train must not let go of each other's arms and must always move linked together in this manner. The other players (future cabooses) crawl around on their knees.

The engine moves around the room and tries to catch a caboose by forming a circle around a child. The cabooses try not to get caught and are allowed to move around on their knees until circled by the train. When one or more players are circled by the train and tagged by the engine, they must get up and link arms with the rest of the train and participate to help link up the rest of the players (cabooses). Future cabooses cannot 'break out' of the circle once it's closed. The game is over when everyone is a part of the long train.

Do you hear a whistle blowing? Some kids will enjoy tooting while playing!

A present for everyone ? all ages

1 Pair of Gloves
1 Hat
1 Die (perhaps two dice if group is large)
A Prize wrapped in several layers of newspaper and boxes.

The group sits in a circle. The gloves, hat, and wrapped box are placed in the center. Someone begins by rolling the dice. If they roll a 6, they hurry into the middle and put on the gloves and hat. They then start to unwrap the package. They must move fast because the next person to roll a 6 takes the hat off of the person in the center. The person in the center stops immediately and takes off the gloves, gives them to that person, and he/she goes back to the circle. The game continues like this until the package is completely unwrapped and the last person receives their prize. It's really noisy and incredibly fun!

Have a gift for each guest ready to 'drop' in the center of the circle and you'll make everyone a winner.

Get-to-know-you-bingo for ages 9 and up
Get-to-know-you-bingo is a simple game excellent for large groups of like 30 or so but just as great for smaller parties.

First print a bingo card for each child.
Give each child a card and pencil. The children move from player to player finding people who can match the criteria on the card. They then write that person's name in the square. When all squares are filled with a name they should yell "BINGO".

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